Tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills

A good lot of people out there struggle with their English writing skills. And, oftentimes they find it very tough to improve their skills. However, it is a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that can effectively improve your english writing skills in no time. 

Students especially, face challenges while writing their assignments all by themselves and end up taking the help of just any assignment writing services to complete their work with perfection. So, if you too are facing the same problem then you have landed at the best place as here we will be discussing the tips and tricks to better your writing skills in English. So, stick to the blog as we are about to get started. Try these and impress your audience with your skills.

1. Expand Your Vocabulary

To express your feelings and thoughts completely through your writing, the most important thing that you need to brush yourself in is nothing but increasing and developing your vocabulary. Learning vocabulary doesn’t mean that you have to just learn a lot of new words, but what you need to do is learning how to use them properly in your write-ups. So, learn new words through example sentences, not from word lists. 


Tip: While learning new words, try to learn all their forms along with the required prepositions to use that word properly in a sentence. 


2. Better Your English Spelling

Better Your English Spelling

The easiest way to spread your word is by spelling them correctly so that the reader does not get confused. There are chances that your incorrect spelling might even change what the entire sentence means. For instance, bear, bare and beer have almost the same pronunciation but their meanings are a lot different. So, if you end up writing something else due to mistaken spelling, you might end up meaning something that you never wished to mean.


Practice writing the correct spellings and test your progress whenever you have time.

3. Become An Avid Reader

People who have the habit of reading have the knowledge of expressing themselves the best. And, it is true that the more you read, the better your written English becomes. Also, by reading the works of more and more writers, you get a chance of understanding how the same thing can be expressed in numerous other ways. Yes, learning different styles is also important. You never know which one fits the best.


While picking a book for reading, pick something that you are interested in. Learning should never be boring, otherwise, you will waste your time and learn nothing.

4. Better Your Grammar

Making Your Essay Hard-To-Read

Better grammar can enhance the quality of your writing like nothing else. The better your grammar, the more understandable is your write-up. So, to make your readers get the best knowledge of what you have written you need to be better at grammar. Also, you need to keep in mind that your use of tense and punctuation is appropriate. Yes, these play a key role to make your writing sound clear and affluent. Also, if mistaken, they can make your write-up mean something entirely different. 


Proofreading is important. And, proofreading your write-up twice is even better. It will help you better your writing as a whole.

5. Keep Writing

Writing can be really intimidating. So, to get better at it, you have to keep on practicing. The best way to do so is sitting in front of your computer and writing your heart out. Also, you can try getting a pen and paper for the same. Practicing this way, you should also try writing versions of the same thing to get a better grip on the language. Keep in mind, the first draft can never be the final draft of your write-up. There is always something that you can do better.

Incorrect Formatting

Do keep these few points in mind to make your written English a few steps ahead of where it is right now. Keep practicing, and you will definitely do better. Although, if you feel underconfident, seek assignment writing services from essay writing service providers and understand where you can upgrade yourself in terms of writing. Anything can help you, if you want to help yourself. 

7 Typical Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Crafting an essay is not a piece of cake. The difficulty level increases, even more, when the essay is an academic assignment. 

We all are aware of the basic rules of creating an essay. You need to start with the thesis statement and end with a brilliantly jotted-down conclusion. But, is essay writing really that simple? 

No, it isn’t. There are a good lot of things that you need to take care of while writing an essay. Although there is no universal template for writing the perfect essay, you can do your best by avoiding certain mistakes. 

Let’s check them out.

1. Neglecting A Thesis Statement

This is a very common problem. The introduction has to be the most engaging part of your essay as going through that, a reader decides whether the person would be reading further or not. So, putting the thesis statement here is very important. 

How to avoid:

i) Make sure that your thesis statement is included in the introductory part of your essay.

ii) Try to make it as engaging as possible to retain most of the readers.

Neglecting A Thesis Statement

2. Repeating Introduction In The Ending

Repeating Introduction In The Ending

Students often tend to repeat the introduction while concluding their essay. And, this is the worst thing to do in conclusion. It is a very important part of your essay and should be dealt accordingly.

How to avoid:

i) Try to conclude your essay with an engaging statement so that your readers are left with certain new ideas.

ii) Ask questions, or add an intriguing quote in your conclusion to make it even more interesting.

3. Stuffing Information

Always filter the information that you provide in your essay. Crafting a detailed as well as meaningful essay means that you need to provide information that is to the point.

How to avoid:

i) Add information promptly.

ii) Analyze the final draft of your essay before submitting it.

iii) Eliminate unnecessary information.

4. Making Your Essay Hard-To-Read

Making Your Essay Hard-To-Read

Creating a complex structure is the worst thing that you can do to your essay. Adhering to the style guidelines doesn’t mean that you need to make your essay hard to read.

How to avoid:

i) Keep it simple.

ii) Use clear constructions.

iii) Adhere to the main idea of the essay and avoid using extra words or difficult phrases.

5. Incorrect Formatting

Writing an essay is not about just writing it down. There is much more to it. Always maintain the formatting style to make your essay acceptable and presentable. 

How to avoid:

i) You can go through the websites of essay writing service providers seeking essay writing help and you will get a good understanding of the appropriate formatting style of an essay from their samples. 

ii) You can also google “Write my essay service” for more such examples.

Incorrect Formatting

6. Typing Mistakes

Typing Mistakes

Typing mistakes do not identify as grammatical mistakes or less knowledge of the language. But, they do indicate that the student, crafting the essay, was not at all attentive while creating it and creates a wrong impression.

How to avoid:

i) Revise what you write.

ii) Look for typos after completing a paragraph. 

7. Plagiarism

No institution allows cheating in their assessments. And, that implies your assignments as well. Hence, plagiarism means copying content from references, it is cheating and is definitely very malpractice. 

How to avoid:

i) Mention the references that you are sourcing from.

ii) Go through the references but do not copy them. Understand the contexts and write them down using your own words. 

Follow these points before you get started with writing your essay. For further assistance, get in touch with Get Pro Writers, the most reliable essay writing service provider in Australia for the best essay writing help.

7 Amazing Tips to Deal with Academic Stress Successfully

Every student out there experiences occasional academic stress. However, when this level of stress gets past the occasional level, it turns into distress which you need to deal with seriousness.

Every student out there experiences occasional academic stress. However, when this level of stress gets past the occasional level, it turns into distress which you need to deal with seriousness. 

There are certain ways to deal with this kind of pressure and if you are looking for those, then you have landed at the best place. Here, in this blog we will be talking about 7 tips that can help students to deal with academic stress successfully.

1. Prepare To-Do Lists

Students preparing for their final assessments have tons of tasks to perform throughout the day. But, they often end up messing up things as they do not have a way to manage all their tasks. Here, preparing to-do lists can help overcome this hassle like no other. Preparing a to-do list will help you have a clear understanding of all your tasks.

Prepare To-Do Lists

2. Organise Schedules

Utilising to-do lists when you get a clear understanding of what tasks you have to perform throughout the day, you will be able to schedule them accordingly. This practice will make you more in control of your tasks and will enhance your ability to finish them on time.

3. Seek Online Academic Help

Now, preparing an assignment requires a lot of expertise, and students are not supposed to have all of them at such a mere age. Here, seeking online academic help such as essay writing service, assignment writing service, thesis writing service, etc. will help them by bringing down their pressure by handling the most tedious task. 

Seek Online Academic Help

4. Take Breathe-Breaks

Taking deep breaths can help bring down stress like no other. Hence, when you start taking breathing breaks in the midst of your tight schedule, you will be able to habituate taking deep breaths from time to time, and that will automatically bring down your academic stress levels.

5. Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food

Students at such a young age, often develop an affinity towards fast food like pizza and burger. And, this bad habit of them pushes them towards getting obese. Obesity has a lot of cons and one of the primary cons of obesity is increasing stress. Hence, if you practice eating healthy from an early age, you will be able to tackle obesity for life. 

6. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is one of the most vital practices of our entire life. It helps our body to rejuvenate and gives us the energy to work hard throughout the day. But, if you do not take adequate time to sleep then we will be waking up tired and would not be able to perform our tasks properly. And, this inefficiency of ours will automatically push us towards stress. 


7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Physicians and experts say that exercising daily for at least half an hour can do wonders to our daily lives. This practice increases our positivity and boosts endorphins that induce happiness eliminating stress and anxiety. 

Get Academic Help To Bring Down Stress

If you seek help from a reliable source to aid you with their essay writing service, assignment writing service, thesis writing service, etc. then that will provide you more time to practice good habits and will also bring down your stress levels by taking over the most tedious task of preparing a hefty assignment. 

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