How to Make Your Assignment Look Presentable?

  • May 5, 2021

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For the successful accomplishment of an academic career, assignments happen to be an indispensable task. To reach their desired ranks, students need to craft flawless assignments and score high marks, impressing their professors. So, as assignments have this high level of importance in the academic careers of students, these need to be crafted with excellence, flawlessly.

Crafting an assignment, the formatting of the write-up also happens to be a vital art, other than writing it down. If your assignment does not have a proper structure and formatting, you will end up looking monotonous and dull. And, a dull assignment can never impress a professor and will make sure that you get the least of marks. Improper formatting of an assignment might even result in your failure in a certain semester.

This is why relying on online assignment help can be of great help for students to achieve their desired marks with their assignments. The best assignment writing services of certain organisations, help students in accomplishing the best assignments that would be the most presentable piece. Check out how they make assignments look so great.

1. Choose Proper Fonts

Crafting their assignments, students often tend to use Times New Roman as their standard font. But, if you make a change in your font choices, you might end up visualising far better results. Try using Calibri or Arial in font 10 or 11 while writing your entire assignment excluding the headings. Also, writing using black text on a white background. 

You can make use of tools like MS Word or Google Docs for your writing. Make sure the writing platform you choose has .doc, .docs, .xls, .xlsx formats as their final input. Avoid using html, zip .pdf, or even .ppt files as these are not suitable formats for a presentation.

Choose Proper Fonts

2. Headings Play A Crucial Part

Headings Play A Crucial Part

Which part of the writeup tells the audience about the topic? Of course, the heading. So, give the readers of your audience a clearer first glance, you should always craft short, crisp, and appealing headlines while writing your assignments. Try using subheadings as well as they are quite efficient in enhancing the quality of your assignment and dispersing proper information.

3. Keep Adequate Spacing In Your Writing

Nobody loves going through chunks of paragraphs. Check the guidelines that your university has prescribed for writing assignments. Usually, in writing assignments, 1.5 spacing is the ideal choice. However, you can use double spacing if your professor permits the same. Try to keep your paragraphs short, and leave a blank line between them so that your paper does not look congested. 

Try not to use block-justify while formatting your assignment. It might seem to look compact, but, in order to maintain the same, big gaps between words might get created which will end up making your assignment look messed up. So, it is better to stick with the left-justify formatting pattern.  

Keep Adequate Spacing In Your Writing

4. Craft Headers And Footers Properly

Craft Headers And Footers Properly

Headers and footers contain some very important information about the student and the assignment paper and this is why they are considered a must requirement in your assignment. The details that you need to stuff in your assignment are – 

5. Make Your Title Page Catchy

The title page of your assignment is also an important part of your assignment as it contains important information about your assignment. So, while creating your title age, make sure that it looks attractive enough. These are the contents that you need to keep in the title page –


So, these are the most crucial parts that you need to take care of while crafting an assignment that is presentable enough for your final assessment. For any further online assignment help you can get in touch with us or just drop a mail at to utilise our best assignment writing services.